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If you think Denmark sometimes is a bit tricky you have come to the right place

Tell us what brought you to Denmark and find the info you need to make your new life in the North a little bit easier:

You are not alone

percent of the Danish workforce comes from abroad*
internationals graduate in Denmark*
internationals are in full-time employment in Denmark*

*= source: Danish Industri and IDA


You'll never guess why Laya and Oleguer moved to Denmark

Did we mention that we'll help you to explore Denmark from within?

You have landed at the right spot on the internet, if you want to know everything about Denmark and how it became the Denmark we know.  Learn about Danish traditions,  its history and the people who shaped the country.

We also do bridge-building projects

If you are a business, a museum, a municipality or something else don’t hesitate to reach out

And let us together make the difference for internationals in Denmark. We have already worked with:

Kopi af Design uden navn-3
Kopi af Design uden navn
Design uden navn-3
In the spotlight

Meet the king and his Aussie queen