This is how

We do it

First of all we believe that knowledge is a key element when a new place should feel like home. That’s why we are gathering all the information you need about Denmark on this site.

A one point entry to Denmark

When you navigate in a country you need a map to find your way.

When you navigate in a society you need a place where you can find information about how things are done, the history, its customs, traditions, its authorities and where you can find answers to questions you might have or will ask in the future.

HowtoDenmark is that place.

No matte if you are in Denmark to work, to study og because of family reunification. HowtoDenmark is the one point entrance you need!

And if you need additionel or more specific help to settle we have som different offers.

We help you to take control

The information you’ll find on HowtoDenmark will hopefully allows you to be in control of your life – to use your efforts on more joyful things than doing research on Danish rules and legislations. Basically we believe in happy people. If you are feeling good everyone arounds you benefit. Including the Danish Socity.

So let’s be frank – we really want you to stay!

Laia and xxxx

Meet xx and xxx a couple from Spain who moved to Denmark to work.