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After school care:

After school care is for children in the age of six to 11 years old, grade 0 until grade 4

You sign your child up for after school care when you sign your child up for school – both is done digitally.

You have to pay for the after school care.

In an after school care the children will be looked after and there will be a range of activities.

The after school care is also open on school holidays, except for the public holidays.

Subsidy depending on your household income

If your family’s total household income is below a certain amount you can get an extra subsidy from the local authorities, this way it will become cheaper or even free to have your child in after school care. This is called a “økonomisk fripladstilskud”.

If your household income is up til 173.801 you will not have to pay for the daycare

If your household income is between 173.801 till 539.799, you will get a subsidy – which means that you will only have to pay a percentage of the costs

If your household income is more than 539.800 you are not eligible for a subsidy.

Generally municipalities offer separate childcare for the children in fourth grade and above. In some municipalities this offer is called SFO2 and in other municipalities club.

Opening hours:

From 16.30 you can hand in you children at the SFO (after school care) The children will then leave the SFO when the school day begins.

When the school days is over the children go back to the SFO until you pick them up. The SFO closes at 17.oo pm (Monday-Thursday) and 16.30 on Friday.