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The most important thing!

The most important thing for you to be able stay in Denmark after completed programme is securing that you are in the country legally.


More about a residence permit

A residence permit for job seeking gives you the same work rights as you had during your studies: 20 hours per week (15 hours per week if you were granted your permit before 1 January 2015) and full-time through June, July and August.

Non-EU citizens:

The following information has been borrowed from nyidanmark.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you can be granted a six-month residence permit to look for employment in Denmark.  If you are granted a permit to complete a full educational programme, you will generally be granted the six-month job seeking permit along with your residence permit.

The job seeking period gives you the opportunity to find employment in Denmark after you have completed your educational programme. If you are offered a job during the job seeking period, you must apply for a new residence and work permit.

If you are offered a job:

There are several ways of getting a work- and residence permit in Denmark, these are the options:

The Positiv List of 1. January 2018

For each profession, the educational requirement is mentioned along with the associated code within the official classification of professions – DISCO-08. You can read more about DISCO-08 on the website of Statistics Denmark. Please note that it is not Statistics Denmark that decides if a certain profession is on the Positive List.

More about the Positive List

A number of the professions are regulated and require an authorization or recognition by the public authorities. You can read more about this on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

You will find each profession under one of the following main categories:

The pay limit scheme

It is a requirement that you have been offered a job with an annual salary of DKK 417,793.60 or higher (2018 level). You cannot be granted a permit based on the Pay Limit Scheme if you have been offered a job with a lower salary than the Pay Limit Scheme’s minimum amount.

Things you need to be aware of:

The Pay Limit Scheme’s minimum amount is adjusted every year on 1 January.

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The Fast-track scheme makes it faster and easier for certified companies to recruit foreign employees with special qualifications to work in Denmark.
This means that you, as a highly qualified employee, can have a quick and flexible job start in the certified company.
In addition, the scheme allows you to alternate between working in Denmark and working abroad.

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EU citizen

It is important that you change your basis for residence from student to for example employee – you must apply for a new residence card at the State Administration.


It’s part of the “Scandinavian Model” that people from time to time is without a job.

Job fairs

Participating in a job fair might get you closer to your dream job. Most educational institutions offer their students a job fair where both local companies as well as national companies participate.

The Career Days is the largest job and career fair in Denmark. Each year in March – well before you graduate – you can meet 150 Danish and national companies in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen and Odense. The companies are searching for highly qualified students and newly graduated – this might be your chance:

Career events and career centers

Many educational institutions have career centers on campus where you can get help navigating your way to a job in Denmark.

At the career centers you will be able to get help with your CV (curriculum vitae) and how to write an application. They can offer you knowledge on Danish work culture and practicalities.


Here is alot more about what you need to know about Unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”)

Did you know that if you don’t want or are unable to continue at your student job when you have finished your programme it is a good idea to quit your job before you become a member of an unemployment benefit insurance fund otherwise you will receive a suspension of 111 hours before you have a right to unemployment benefits.