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Let us introduce – the formal and the informal job market!

Did you know that not all job openings are made public, this is important to know when you are searching for a relevant job.

Many companies fill their positions by using their network. This way they don’t have to read through several hundred applications and they feel confident about the person that they hire since they have been recommended this person by their network or it is someone that they have already been in contact with.

1/3 of all newly employed get their job throug their network.

Statistics Denmark, 2015

What does this mean for you?

Well it might be good to supplement your job search with networking events or even try to schedule some coffee meeting. Coffee meetings are becoming increasingly popular as this is a good way to meet people who are interested in sharing their network with you. A coffee meeting can be a meeting with someone who works at a company that you find interesting and the person finds your CV equally interesting. It might not give you a position right away, but it might make you present in their mind next time they are looking for new employees.

A coffee meeting can also be that you meet with someone who is in the same situation as yourself – searching for a job – and then you can offer good advice to one another, but also share your network!

Approaching the formal job market with job applications and regular job interviews, it is almost like a regular job.

Your job application

When you apply for a job it is important to know what is expected of you in your job application. In Denmark the CV – curriculum vitae is of great importance. It is advisable to place the latest experiences – work, study etc. on top of the CV, so that you start with 2019 and go back in time. It is also advisable that you have a paragraph on your CV that gives a short resume of who you are.

Your application must let the company know why you are the one that fits perfect to the vacant position. It is important that you relate your competences to what the company is asking for in their job advert.

If you plan to give the company a call before you send them your application, you must make sure that you have a very good reason for calling – this means, have a good and relevant question ready. This can give you a head start, as you have already been in contact with the company and noe they know your name – but it is only a head start if the company finds it relevant that you get in contact with them.

Let your unemployment benefit scheme help you

If you are a member of an unemployment benefit scheme it is important to know that they offer a variety of courses on how to find your new job, everything from “how to make your CV” to “how to use and expand your network to land a new job”.

If you belong to a union they also offer a lot of information for you in your jobsearch, for example the possibility of applying for a mentor, who can guide you in your jobsearch.


This is important:

Know the rules before you begin searching for a job!

Whether you are in Denmark due to your work or as a spouse, it is extremely important to know the rules regarding your work and residence permit.

If you are here as a spouse your residence permit gives you the right to work as well. If you are here due to work, you must always check whether your residence permit allows you to change jobs. Even changing your job within the same company can cause challenges when it comes to your residence permit.

You will find all the information needed here

EU-citizens must make sure that they have a residence card within the first six months in Denmark and as a spouse you are also allowed to work during your stay in Denmark.

Here are the major job portals:

This video is from the University of Copenhagen and might help you to make your application even better:

Temporary jobs

If you are looking for temporary jobs, here are some options – and remember that many times these temp agencies will invite you to a job interview before they necessarily have any job to offer you: