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Our aim

Our aim is to make it as smooth as possible to settle. And to us it dosen’t matter whether you are in Denmark for only a short period of time or plan to stay for some years or who know even longer. And this is also the place to go, if you have been in Denmark for a long time and still feel like you bang your head against a wall…

How we do it

Knowledge is the key of a soft landing. We deliver the knowledge you need.

What we offer:

  • Easily accessible information on how the authorities in Denmark work
  • Information on your rights as an international in Denmark
  • A wide range of initiatives that all intend to make it easier to arrive and settle in Denmark
  • Lots of inside knowledge on Denmark
  • A place where you will be met with an understanding of your situation.
  • Events where new friendships and networks are being created
  • A strong collaboration with different stakeholders including companies


Do you wish to know more on how we do all of the above, then feel free to browse through