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Which number should I use?

114 is the nationwide service number for the police. You can call 114 if you:

  • Wish to report a crime
  • Have information regarding a crime committed.
  • Need information or guidance about permissions issued by the police.

You also have the option of contacting your local police directly either by mail, phone or in person.

112 is a nationwide number and should be used in case of an accident, fire or serious crime.

Don’t hesitate to call if lives, property or the environment is in danger.

Be ready to answer the questions that the emergency call center will ask:

  • What has happened, when and where?
  • Which phone number are you calling from?
  • How many people are injured?

You should not call 112 if it isn’t acute, as you risk blocking the lines for an emergency call.

This might be useful:

This app might be a help in case of an emergenzy! read more here

or check out the video (In Danish)

More places to contact:

If you fall ill or suffer an injury

If you fall ill or suffer an injury you cannot just show up at the emergency department, you will have to call first. There are two options on who to call

  • The accident and emergency department deal with serious injuries that your own GP is unable to treat, for example broken limbs.
  • Out-of-hours medical services is open when your GP is closed. You can call the out-of-hours medical services if your illness cannot wait until your GP is on duty again.

The out-of-hours doctor can, among other things, prescribe medicine, refer you to an accident and emergency department, ask you to contact your own GP or admit you to hospital.

Be aware that both the accident and emergency department and the out-of-hours medical services can have a long wait. It is not unusual to wait for more than two hours.

You can find the number for the out-of-hours medical services depending on which region you are in here

If you need a emergency dental treatment

If you have an accident involving your teeth you don’t have to wait until your regular dentist opens. There are out-of-hour dentists who treat both children and adults.

It is worth to know that the cost of going to an out-of-hour dentist is considerably more expensive than the normal cost.

Emergency dentist at the capital region

Emergency dentist in Central region Denmark

Emergency dentist in the region of Southern Denmark

Emergency dentist in the north Denmark region

Emergency dentist in Region Zealand

If you need a Out-of-hours chiropractor

If you have an acute injury, for example a crick in your neck, and it is out-of-hours you can contact an out-of-hour chiropractor:

At the capital region

At the region of Southern Denmark

Unfortunately, there is no out-of-hour chiropractors in Central Region Denmark, north Denmark Region or Region Zealand.

If you need an out-of-hours veterinarian

If your pet falls ill or get an injury you can find a veterinarian close to you who is open during weekends and bank holidays.

Be aware that a consultation at an out-of-hours veterinarian is at least DKK 2.000.

If you use this map you can find a veterinarian close to your home.