Public transport discount for all 16-19-year-olds

The Ungdomskort provides a daily public transport discount from your residence to the educational institution. In addition, the Ungdomskort offers a number of other advantages. You can use the Ungdomskort to go by bus, train and metro. The Ungdomskort is subject to various conditions depending on whether you are 16-19 years old, a student on a youth education programme or a student in higher education.

You may obtain an Ungdomskort for a youth education programme if:

  • the youth education programme entitles you to SU or is in the list of approved education programmes
  • you do not receive a transport subsidy under other schemes
  • you are studying actively (the educational institution will decide whether the student is studying actively)
  • the education is designed as full-time education
  • you are not in a paid internship or under an employability enhancement scheme at a production school

How to apply

You apply for the Ungdomskort via you may go directly to the transport companies’ self-service system Mit Ungdomskort (from the first page of – step 2), where you are to order and pay for your Ungdomskort.

You must have a Danish civil registration number and NemID to be able to apply for an Ungdomskort.


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