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How to find a place to live online

Online you will find various housing portals, where you can find apartments, town houses and houses. The advertisements on these housing portals include information about the accommodation: size, rooms, rent, deposit, whether it is sublease and furnished.

Some of the housing portals focus on a geographical area and some are nationwide.

Most of the housing portals charge a fee for getting full information about the displayed rentals. This means that you can see the houses for rent, but you will have to pay the fee to see the contact information on the houses. Be aware that often you pay a fixed fee for a period of time – four days, four weeks and so forth, but if you do not actively disactivate your account you will be charged a monthly fee when the first period expires.

Residential tenancy agreement

The residential tenancy agreement is a vital document when renting a property. This is your guarantee that everything that has to do with the lease is in writing.

It is not before you have a signed contract you transfer the deposit and advance payment to your landlord.

When you rent a property, you will have to pay a deposit, the landlord can charge you the equivalence of up to three month’s rent. The same applies to advance payment of rent – the maximum is three months’ rent.

The landlord will draw up a report at the time of possessing the property. In this report, the state of repair and condition of the property at this time will be described. If the property is not in the same condition when you vacate, the landlord will make use of your deposit to refurbish the property.

When you give your landlord notice you will be able to vacate the property three months after. The advance payment of rent will be to cover your rent after you have given your landlord notice.

When your lease expires or when you have given your landlord notice it is important to move out without having to spend the full deposit. To reduce the costs of moving out you will have to make sure that you clean your residence very well. This means that all surfaces are spotless, that all cupboards are clean inside as well as outside, windows are shiny and especially bathroom and kitchen are sparkling. If you are not that good at cleaning it might be a good investment to pay someone to do a moving out cleaning.

Furthermore, you will not get the full deposit back in most cases, as some of the deposit will be used to paint the walls and plane of the floors.

Some of the bigger housing portals are:


There are unfortunately some slumlords who try to scam innocent people in the search for housing offers. A good advice is to never pay a deposit or any kind of money to the landlord before you have a signed contract.

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Did you know that more and more Danes prefer to stay for rent ?

source: Statistics Denmark, 2017