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The lion’s mane jellyfish – a nasty fellow!

If you are going for a swim the ocean beware of this little bugger. If you don’t keep a distance you run the risk of a very painful encounter.

You’ll often find jellyfish (”vandmænd” in Danish) along the Danish shores. They don’t sting and are harmless. BUT you’ll also find lion’s mane jellyfish (”brandmænd” in Danish). They are red in the middle and has venomous tentacles.

How to ease the pain

July and August are high season for the Lion’s mane jellyfish and if you feel the pain from a meeting with it – this is what to do:

Try to rinse of the tentacles (don’t rub) Get out of the water. Avoid rubbing and scratching

A bottle of vinegar like this cost vost about 5 kr. in most supermarkets.

If you have vinegar close by you should rinse the stung area and let the vinegar work for 30-60 second.

And finally, you can use your credit card or any other item with a sharp edge and scrape the tentacles of the skin.

Did you know that lion’s mane jellyfish earned its name from its red and yellow tentacles, which resemble the color of a lion’s mane?

In very rare cases the sting from a lion’s mane jellyfish can cause difficulties with breathing and cramps, and then you should of course look for medical help.