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The right focus

We believe that throughout the years when the talk has been on internationals then the tendency has been to only focus on how the internationals can secure labor to the Danish companies and contribute with growth to the Danish society.

We also wish for the internationals to contribute to the Danish society, exactly like any other person living in Denmark. However, we do also believe that the focus should be on the international – on the individual, and how we in unison can help the international to a good start and eventually a good life in Denmark.

If this aim is realized, then the spillover effect will be that Danish companies will get access to valuable labor and the state will benefit from new fellow citizens.

Companies play a vital part

We collaborate with those that we believe satisfies this approach to our international fellow citizens. The companies play a vital part since they are the ones employing and securing a living. Therefore, we collaborate with the companies.

However, there is also a broad range of small and bigger initiatives – each of these initiatives can make the life as an international a little easier – which is why we of course collaborate with the people behind the initiatives.


Our partners: