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You better read this before you go looking for a new home:

When you are here due to family reunification you will as a rule have to a reasonably sized accomodation. This means that you must have at least 20 square meters per person or the total number of people living in the residence may not be more than double the number of room. There are a few exceptions though!

Read all about the rules on reasonably sized residence here

The housing requirement list

A new rule is that your residence must not be mentioned on the housing requirement list. If you have handed in your family reunification application and while you are waiting for the response your residence is included on the housing requirement list, then you will not have to move to be able to fulfill the requirements for family reunification. It is the housing requirement list at the time when your spouse/partner submits his/her application for family reunification that counts.

Here you can find the housing requirement list

More important info:

  • You will have a residence that is considered an independent residence. An independent residence is a residence that has an entrance of its own and appears as one unit. An independent residence does not need to have a kitchen or bathroom of its own. Your lease has to be of at least 1,5 years
  • If the residence is a rental or a sublease, the lease period must be permanent or extend at least a year and a half beyond the date on which the application is submitted.
  • If you rent and the landlord co-operatively owns the place of residence, the lease period must be permanent and this must not conflict with the co-operative association’s rules.