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The Danish health system

The Danish health system is financed by income tax, which means that the majority of health services are free of charge when you have a Danish cpr number. Get more info about the Danish health system right here!

How to figure out which health services are free of charge

Most of the health offers are free of charge, your consultations at your GP, the treatment and operations at the public hospitals and appointments at special doctors.

You will have to pay if you wish to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor, dentist, psychologist etc. However be aware that there are some municipalities who offers free psychologist treatment to young people between the age 18 and 25. On this link you will get an overview of these municipalities in Denmark, the ones marked with green do have free psychologist treatment for young people, whereas the municipalities marked with red do not have such an offer, and finally the yellow ones might have a limited offer.

If you get a referral from your general practitioner you will be able to get a public subsidy if the practitioner do have an agreement with the national health service

How do you get a CPR nummer?

The moment you have a residence permit (for non-EU citizens), a residence certificate (EU-citizens) and you will stay for more than 90 days you must apply for a cpr number (Nordic citizens do not need a residence certificate).You apply for a cpr number at the citizen service either in person or digitally – depending on the municipality. You will have to bring:

  • Residence certificate or residence permit
  • Tenancy agreement
  • A completed application form
  • A copy of your marriage certificate, if married

Normally you will have to wait two weeks before you receive your yellow health card in your mailbox – make sure that your name is on the mailbox.

How to choose your general practitioner?

receive a list of general practitioners in your area of residence. This list includes information on the general practitioner such as age and gender but also whether it is accessible if you use a wheelchair. Finally, the list will also give you information on whether the general practitioner accept new patients.

You can change your general practitioner by logging on to, which is your digital mailbox when it comes to matters concerning the public sector.

What is the yellow health card – and how do you get a new one?

The CPR number is used when dealing with public authorities, health authorities, banks, libraries and so forth. The card with your CPR number is also referred to as your health insurance card or “yellow card”.

If you move and thereby have a new address or if you decide to change to a new doctor you will automatically receive a new yellow health card. However if you loose the yellow health card you must apply for a new one and this comes with a cost of DKK 180,-

What is “Danmark” – health insurance?

The health insurance “Danmark” is a non-profit organization, where you as a member pay a monthly fee depending on which insurance group you decide to be part of. 2,5 million Danes are a member of “Danmark”.

“Danmark” reimburses more than 350 kinds of medical expenses including medicine, dental treatment, glasses/contact lenses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychologists, vaccinations etc.

Normally you will get the reimbursement paid to your account every three months.

Children have a health insurance in “Danmark” for free.