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Going to the doctor

If you fall ill or suspect that you are ill, you have the right to see your general practitioner (GP) to get an examination. It is your GP who decides whether you need further examinations, and if yes, which examinations. This means that you don’t have a right to get a certain examination done within the public health service.

Here you’ll find more information about general practioners:

Which GP to choose?

The main rule is that you should choose a GP that lives within 15 km of your residence.

If you choose a GP who is in a partnership with one or more doctors, you can only choose the medical practice and not the specific GP.

How to book a consultation?

At some GPs you book a consultation during telephone hours. Most GPs have telephone hours in the morning.

Other GPs have introduced booking of consultations through a webpage, where you will have to use either your nem ID or you have access through a user name and password.

Either way you will have to make the booking based on a cpr number and a reason for the consultation.

What to expect from the consultation?

Remember to bring your yellow health card as you will have to scan the card when you arrive at the medical practice.

Normally a consultation is set to take ten minutes, however sometimes the GP has made a double consultation to make sure that there is enough time to treat the matter.

When you made the booking you also made clear what you wished to talk with the GP about. This means that your GP expects to treat that specific matter, and therefore she/he has not added in time to deal with other things.

At some medical practices they have a nurse employed, this means that he/she might be the one that does the blood tests, gives vaccine shots and so forth.

Which treatments do you have a right to receive at your GP?

Some treatments you have a right to receive through the public health service.

  • Abortion within the first 12 weeks and in special cases also after week 12
  • Examination of the breasts – mammogram
  • Children under the age of seven has a right to preventive health examinations
  • Rehabilitation plan
  • As pregnant, the preventive health examinations and guidance
  • Autopsy
  • You have a right to receive help if you have an alcohol abuse or drug abuse
  • Sterilization
  • Vaccinations for children
  • Psychical illnesses, children and young people. Extended right to examination and treatment of mentally ill children and young people.

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